Building a Website – You Will Do More Work Than Your Web Designer

Web designers and web programmers are invaluable in helping to get your business on the web. Web designers can help you convey a look and feel that matches up with your company’s personality. They can present all the information about your business in an attractive and unobtrusive format. LinkHelpers can also help you format your pages so that the information your customers need is easy to find.

But there’s only so much a web designer or programmer can do. Beyond making a design that is at least somewhat attractive and unobtrusive – that is, it does not hinder the ability of your customers and potential customers to find information that they are looking for – your web designer cannot make your website successful.

The key, and I mean though one key, to a successful web site is high-quality, informative, pertinent content. Ideally this content and should be related to your area of business, but no matter what, it must be content that people will seek out and find because it can help improve their lives in some way. Because that is the only reason people will come to your site.

People don’t care about your business. They don’t care about your site. They don’t care how many thousands of dollars you spent to have your website look new, hip, and use all the latest technologies. People care about their problems and how you can solve them. To gain trust and to get people to your site, you are going to need to give some of your expertise away for free.

What I mean by this is that you need to write pages for your site in an article format. This format is authoritative, informative and easy for search engines to find and index. When you write articles about topics your target market is interested in, they will find your site and keep coming back, as long as you keep adding new content. The better job you do of creating content, the more people will come, and the more business your site will generate.

When creating content for your site, think about what people are going to be searching for on the Internet. Are they going to be searching for your company’s name? Highly doubtful. The same goes for your product names and industry-specific terms you have on your website. People are going to be searching for answers to their questions. If they’re looking for a service provider they will be looking for the business type as well as their city and possibly state.

The point is this: when building a website, it is content that makes or breaks a site. To be successful in your Internet marketing plan, you need to be committed to creating a high quality site for your business. Your web designer and programmer cannot generate the expert content that will help your customers. You are the expert so it is up to you – and there is no way around it – you have to do the work.