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Entities and SEO: a complete introduction

Entities and SEO: a complete introduction

You may have already stumbled upon a SEO entity detector or an article on Google’s Knowledge Panel and wondered what exactly an entity was. If you’re not familiar with the term or what it means then take note: it’s time to dive into the subject. Entities are arguably one of the most powerful ideas in search.

I’m going to take a risk and predict that in the near future entities will surpass links and content as a key area for SEOs and all those seeking rankings. However, as we will discuss, entities rely on these two factors to build their influence. In this article, we will look at how to use links and content to strengthen and connect entities.

Great… But what is an SEO entity?

At this point you are no further along than when you read the title. First of all, I wanted to emphasize the importance of … Read More

What Makes VPS Hosting a Good Choice for SMBs?

What Makes VPS Hosting a Good Choice for SMBs?

7 top reasons to choose VPS for small businesses - Cloud7

If you plan to take your business online and considering the different types of web hosting for your website, then VPS Hosting can be the solution. A VPS Hosting plan can be the most cost-efficient step for your online business.

What is VPS?

A Virtual Private Server or VPS works by creating multiple virtualised environments on the physical server with each of them having the capability to work as a dedicated server for the website. Therefore, it can be considered to provide the best of both worlds – the security and stability of a Dedicated Server without shelling a hole in your pocket like that of Shared Hosting. 

Benefits of Using VPS for SMBs

  1. Better performance: As you don’t need to share the allocated resources with others, you can expect enhancement in the performance of your website. Not only would your page load faster but also would be able
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Réseau National à Large Bande

Réseau National à Large Bande

Le fait qu’Internet soit devenu un phénomène global qui a étendu ses tentacules à presque toutes les facettes de la vie n’est plus contesté. De nos jours, vous pouvez entreprendre et effectuer de nombreuses tâches sur Internet, allant de l’achat d’épicerie et de meubles de maison au dépôt de vos déclarations de revenus et à l’obtention de conseils médicaux. Vous pouvez visiter les sites Web de câble fibre optique orange pour trouver plus d’informations sur le meilleur câble fibre optique orange.

Connexions Internet plus rapides

Mais avec la liste sans cesse croissante de choses que l’on peut faire via Internet, le simple fait d’avoir une connexion Internet ne suffit plus – un Internet plus rapide fait une énorme différence. C’est pourquoi le gouvernement australien s’est lancé dans le réseau national à large bande, qui est à bien des égards le plus grand projet d’infrastructure entrepris en Australie.

Avec un coût … Read More

5 Top Elements That Are the Hallmark of a Luxury Hotel

5 Top Elements That Are the Hallmark of a Luxury Hotel

Huge rooms as big as an entire house, elegant fixtures and fitting as well as enormous comfy beds and many or luxurious things are the hallmark of a luxury holiday. Talk about luxury vacation and the mention of luxury hotels will not be missing in the conversation. Hotels primarily offer accommodation where you will stay and enjoy some of your meals.

But the overall holiday experience will include other details such as flights, road trips, tour guides, dining, and various first-time experiences. However, there is more to the experience availed by such a vacation than you would think. To get the most out of your planned stay in a luxury hotel, below are five things you need to have at the back of your mind.

1. Personalised Service

Before making your hotel reservations, you should check our different reviews to know the etiquette score of the staff. How do … Read More

6 Reasons to Add Egypt to Your 2020 Holiday Destination Wish List

6 Reasons to Add Egypt to Your 2020 Holiday Destination Wish List

Are you dreaming about Egypt Escapes next year? Have you thought about being able to experience the country’s ancient tombs, pyramids and temples in person? Perhaps you have dreamt about sailing down the River Nile while indulging in some traditional Egyptian cuisine? Maybe you want to learn more about King Tutankhamen and his golden death mask? Well, maybe 2020 will be a fruitful year for you. Here are six reasons to add Egypt to your 2020 holiday destination plans:

1. An Egypt package holiday is more affordable than many imagine

Arguably the biggest concern people have when thinking about a trip to Egypt is the associated cots of travel. Since travelling to Egypt involves a long haul flight, many wrongly assume they won’t be able to afford the airfares. When the cost of a package holiday to Egypt is broken down, however, the destination becomes within realistic reach for just … Read More