Five possible advancements in Technology in 2019

The technology has been improving rapidly than ever before. We are getting newer technology at a faster rate. Technological improvements can be noticed in every sector of our work. We see new technology-driven applications on our phone. Websites with advanced features that were unthinkable before. 

Artificial Intelligence Advancements

One of the most talked about advancements in the world is AI development. The world around us can completely change with the use of AI technology. AI can be applied for self-driven cars that we can already see. Robots can be built with AI to serve us in restaurants and also in the manufacturing industries. As AI don’t get tired and bored they are ideal to use in industries. AI can be used for developing user experience, solve complex problems relating to space, health, mathematics, and many more that were not possible in the past. For the development of a Conversational Interface Technology Platform, scientists are focusing on machine learning and data science. We can expect to see AI development at a rapid pace in the future.

Augmented Reality 

Augmented reality is presenting a 3D image of an object or a person and make it look real. We have seen augmented reality in movies like Star Wars, Avengers and other science fiction movies where people can communicate with a 3D image making it look real. Augmented technology can be used in business, health, military, education, and other various important sectors. Augmented technology is being worked developed to make the user experience in a store more satisfactory. 

Blockchain Technology

We have all heard of the cryptocurrency bitcoin. The technology that keeps the transaction secure is Blockchain. It is a great invention in the field of technology for humans. Providing cybersecurity has been a big concern for huge companies that are responsible for the transaction of a huge sum of money. Blockchain technology is considered really hard to hack due to its advanced security measures and encryption system. Many companies are using blockchain technology or thinking about using blockchain technology to provide safety and security to their clients. 

Quantum Computers

Another invention of modern technology is the development of Quantum computing. These are basically supercomputers that can calculate a very rapid speed. It is still in the development phase and many are trying to be the first to launch this new technology. Quantum computers can bring revolutionary changes to the world as we know it.

Internet of Things

This is the technology of connecting everything to the internet and join a platform. Now we can see smart cars, smartphones, smart TV, smartwatch, and many new cool gadgets that are all connected to the internet. Connectivity gives many features to the users and enhances the user experience of the product. It also connects the device through the internet and it becomes easier to control them. However, hackers are constantly looking for a way to exploit this technology for financial gains. Manufacturers are constantly working on providing better security so the platform is secure.