Graphic Designing For All And Sundry

Graphic Designing For All And Sundry

Graphics are basically pictures and drawings, which are either created by computer or entered into the computer through scans or photographs–vector graphics, raster graphics and bit map. The form of communicating through computerized drawings and representations is called graphic designing. Traditionally a poor man’s tool–applied to books and magazines but now with the advent of computers it’s now applied to both print media as well as interactive media. The designing process is a complex step-by-step process, which starts with taking requirements from the client and ends with final designed product.

Graphic designing can be applied to the following:

1. Animated logos

2. Booklets

3. Brochures

4. Business Cards

5. Greeting cards

6. Letterheads

7. Newsletters

8. Posters

9. Postcards

10. Flyers

Graphics are used for visualization purposes. For example wall, typography, symbols, lines and other images.

Animation and graphics

The computer animation industry is the major punter of graphics. With use of 3D computer graphics and 2D computer graphics, this industry stands tall above all. The 3D computer graphics are not only limited to computers but also used in films and other 3D animation.

Computer Games

A computer game is generally categorized under 3D computer graphics. 3D is a great source of entertainment for both young and old. Computer games can be referred to as video games and personal computer games.

How to?

How to acquire graphics that you need? It’s simple-create it yourself! Really, it’s easy to create graphics yourself; one just needs to have a little knowledge about software for creating graphics.
Another great way is to outsource. There are freelancers available online, which do the work for you, charging you for some amount.

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