How to Create an SEO-friendly Blog Post

How to Create an SEO-friendly Blog Post

In this age and time when everybody is seems glued on their smartphones and laptop, it is only right to give them a quality content worthy of their attention. But catchy contents are not enough; you should also produce quality content to your advantage.

This is where search engine optimization (SEO) enters the picture. Any seo companies in houston can promise you high-ranking pages, website traffic, and conversion. But not everyone can write SEO-friendly content.

For some, writing to catch the audience attention while having a goal to top the search engine are two contrasting ideas. This is why you need to create your contents carefully because combining quality and SEO-friendly content is almost like hitting the jackpot.

Below are some tips for creating a blog post that both users and search engine can understand

Keyword Search

Before coming up with an excellent blog post, you must do a thorough keyword search. It is the process of researching the right words that your audience is looking for. When looking for the right keyword to use for your blog post, you must first think about your business’ unique selling point. Knowing what makes your brand stand out among others will be easier for you to identify your target market and what kind of content they are actually searching for.

You can check out social media trends and pay attention to the words or phrases they use in each post. Google Trends can also help you identify the most searched keywords that you can incorporate in your blog posts.

Once you identify a keyword, you should be able to use it naturally on your blog post. As much as possible use on the title, headings, URL, meta description, and the content itself.

Think About Your Readers

Always remember that while you are trying to make it on top of search engines, you are also writing for actual readers, which are human beings. Write blog posts that aim to communicate to your readers and not just feeding them with information that they do not need.

A readable content will have higher chances of getting likes and shares. This will help increase your domain authority and put you in higher search engine rankings.

Always create original content as direct copy-pasting of other’s blog post will only penalize your website, which is much of a headache.

Word Count

Remember that you are writing a blog post, not a term paper. So Kelly Johnson’s “Keep it simple, stupid!” still applies. A minimum of 300-word blog post is recommended. This length gives enough room for keywords and text to crawl.

A wordy and longer blog post will only scare and bore your readers; so give them short yet informative content that is worth their time and attention.

Have a Clear Structure

Nowadays, people have an average attention span of 8 seconds; so a long blog post with scattered ideas is not healthy for both readers and search engine. Make your blog scannable by writing applying the following structure:

  • Use short paragraphs. Maximum of two to three sentences per paragraph.
  • Use catchy sub-headings
  • Always use a conclusion or parting words

Use Internal and External Links

Every seo companies in houston will recommend you to use both internal and external links to help search engine get through your page. It will also give your website more credibility as you are attributing the right source instead of stealing ideas. Just avoid using spammy and generic texts like “click here” or “read here” on your anchor text.

Take Away

Writing for both humans and search engine should not be complicated. Should you need more professional help, do not hesitate to visit our offices near you.

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