The Mathematical Colours of Human Survival Engineering

The Intimate Era of the Arts from the mid 18th Century to the mid 19th Century was motivated by the ideals of a misplaced moral historical science. Its leaders were involved that people experienced deviated into staying governed by a lifeless mechanistic lifestyle. The philosopher of science Wolfgang von Goethe viewed as that Isaac Newton experienced betrayed the science of color to lessen all to a black and white mechanistic reality. Goethe’s linguistic colour notion theories were being revived in 2012 as a e book of the year ‘Through the Language Glass’, composed by the linguist-physicist Man Deutscher. Having said that, handful of people are informed that in actuality, Isaac Newton truly refuted the concept that the mechanical principle of the universe was finish and that like the Romanticists, he experienced derived this feeling from the exact missing moral science.

The get the job done of other poets and artists all through the Romantic Era that experienced attacked Newton for possessing a science derived from a clockwork description of a mechanical universe has now been joined to vital DNA discoveries and the difficulty has turn out to be a crucial human survival a person. It is an exceptional accomplishment that in 2017 the Earth Fund for Arts in Russia has taken upon by itself to rejuvenate the Science-Art ethos belonging to the Intimate Period of yesteryear.

Newton’s mathematical genius supported a much more profound description of the universe than that of a lifeless mechanistic cosmos. Science, economics and religion accepted of the mechanistic design, the foundation from which a bogus quantum mechanics was derived by educating that Newton’s planet-look at was mechanical. Both equally political and business science, with each other with religious persuasion acquired command of our unbalanced modern day science. Alongside with the researchers, spiritual establishments had been in denial that the living process evolved to infinity, evoking spiritual guidelines to implement their viewpoints. The misplaced historical ethical science could not come into its personal until the time for understanding about dwelling human DNA arrived. It is now possible for quantum mechanics to be designed comprehensive by exploring its entanglement with the science of quantum biology.

Arthur C Clark’s tv documentary ‘The Colours of Infinity’ was about Benoit Mandelbrot’s discovery of infinite fractal arithmetic. Within the documentary a comment was manufactured that the evolution of civilisation was not provided in the intent of an infinite universe. The motive for that is simply because prevailing science is governed by the ‘Universal Warmth Dying Law’, which states that all the heat of the universe is heading to radiate absent into cold space and ultimately all existence in the universe need to grow to be extinct.

History’s most well-known mathematician, Georg Cantor was also history’s most despised mathematician for daring to obstacle the world-wide scientific loss of life cult. His declaration that a dysfunctional anxiety of infinity experienced infected the minds of modern day age scientists produced an worldwide scientific and religious furore. Earth well-known mathematicians, strongly objecting to such a pronouncement, joined jointly to savagely condemn his notion that the everyday living pressure procedure could be evolving towards infinity. Influential spiritual leaders were being enraged that Cantor’s mathematical conviction overturned their stubborn insistence that only a Supreme Deity could allow any obtain to infinity. The spiritual leaders, with differing Gods, have been all keen to combat to the demise as soldiers bravely upholding their sacred responsibility to shield their participation in just the world wide dying cult.

The NASA Higher Energy Venture has published a paper by the Science Advisor to the Belgrade Institute of Physics, Petar Grujic, displaying that historic Greek mathematics integrated features of infinite fractal logic. From the jumble of old mathematical strategies an moral atomic political science emerged to manual democratic ideals, vaguely referring to the evolution of an infinite ethical wisdom. This proposed science was created to manual an ennobling type of governing administration so the civilisation could turn into aspect of an moral universal intent. Such a science was held important to steer clear of the extinctions belonging to the large fossilised continues to be of former life-forms that experienced not survived their tooth and claw arms race. In Plato’s Republic, the historic atomic theories experienced sophisticated to the stage exactly where Platonists described ‘Evil’ as a damaging assets in the atom, which could emerge to destroy civilisation. Consequently, the missing pagan atomic political science warrants our speedy attention. We need to balance the harmful aspect of atomic mathematical emotion with the atomic mathematics of what the historical Greeks known as virtuous mathematical emotions.

The Greek mathematics governing ethical atomic evolution posited the thought that the 28-day cycle of moon motion influenced the growth of the woman fertility cycle. It held that harmonic vibrations emanating from the moon resonated with the atoms of a mother’s spirit to describe her moral like and compassion for little ones. Historical Indian mathematical logic was not so obscure about the principle of a living infinite mathematical actuality. Sanskrit arithmetic, developed prior to the Greek political atomic science came into existence, alluded to a long run technological know-how to be derived from the arithmetic of infinity. Nevertheless, nowadays the prevailing thermodynamic warmth death society stops satisfactory investigation into the advancement of such a technology.

The harmonious Greek mathematical procedure belonged to the ‘Music of the Spheres’, which the scientist Johannes Kepler applied to make his well-known astrological discoveries. Enough scientific discoveries have given that adopted to show that the thermodynamic heat demise cult information and facts, governing just about every component of our ensured route to extinction, is quite merely a nonsense concept. During the 1980s Australian researchers proved this is to be an absurd scenario.

In 1979 China’s most really awarded physicist Kun Huang, gave Australian Science-Artwork scientists the methodology to measure the lifetime-power governing seashell expansion and improvement. They proved that our extinction legislation is what the mathematician Cantor reported it was, a neurological malfunction inside of the scientific frame of mind.

Seashell lifetime types have existed for 50 million yrs and have not grow to be extinct. In Australia the ancient Greek infinite arithmetic was programmed into a pc to produce seashell evolutionary simulations over a 50 million 12 months period of time. The laptop simulations matched correctly with the mathematical language prepared in just the seashell fossil file. The dysfunctional mathematics upholding our thermodynamic demise tradition can only generate distorted or carcinogenic futuristic seashell simulations. Thus, the regulation governing balanced seashell evolution towards infinity belonged to the mathematical messages coming from the living creature within just the seashell.

In 1990 the world’s major technological institute IEEE, based mostly in Washington, put the discovery alongside these names as Louis Pasteur and Francis Crick. Having said that, eminent scientists locked into their association with the Australian Government’s thermodynamic culture turned particularly hostile when confronted with this very simple factual observation.

The hostility toward the prediction that the seashell research was socially important experienced started in 1979, adhering to the Commonwealth Science Unit of Australian Nationwide Television in that 12 months documenting the seashell investigate background into its internationally screened series, The Scientists – Profiles of Discovery. Experts and Govt Art Administrators joined forces in 1986 to assault the validly of the seashell discoveries posted by Italy’s main scientific journal, Il Nuovo Cimento, in the course of the 1980s. Later on in 2009 they abruptly ceased their frequent deprecation of the Science-Artwork investigate when it was awarded a Gold Medal Laureate by an Academy of Science in London.

The Science-Artwork theories of the molecular biologist, Sir C P Snow, sent at the 1959 Rede Lecture at Cambridge University and the ‘Letter to Science’ in 1974 prepared by the Nobel Laureate most cancers researcher, Szent Gyorgyi, had a single detail in typical. They equally argued that the present obsolete thermodynamic scientific culture belonged to the primitive frame of mind of our Neolithic ancestors.

The extreme distinction involving ethical and non-moral mathematical psychological language is now pretty noticeable. Poker machine arithmetic, accompanied by sound and colour vibrations, can generate a robust emotional compulsion to enter into states of economical and ethical bankruptcy. Plutocratic governments (authorities by the wealthy), wage continual unethical poker-device-like warfare from each other. They make use of this deceitful mathematical-artistic phenomenon, forming alliances to manage world wide energy, for the militant security of the people (Szent-Gyorgi’s ‘Crazy Ape’ tribe) that they signify.

The accompanying disregard to problems endured by their consistent development of bankruptcy victims, merely echoes the severe truth of the seeming in a natural way taking place law of the survival of the fittest paradigm. The salient issue to be produced nonetheless, is that to the historical Greek science, the poker-machine mentality was correctly predicted to be based mostly on fake emotional illusions.

In 2010 the fusing of the controversial Australian exploration with quantum biological cancer study in partnership with Quantum Art Intercontinental was significant. It resulted in the discovery of the antidote to the worldwide epidemic of dysfunctional illusory scientific facts transmitted by the mass creation of interaction and details products.

The major evidence as to the technological likely of the antidote contained an significant visual proof. Unlike the poker equipment developed to use color vibrations to handle the head the antidote reverses the course of action resulting in the mind managing the colors in a portray. The electromagnetic psychological field bringing about this phenomenon can now be visually shown.

In 2016 their presentation of the antidote idea with each other with applicable artwork at the Worldwide Modern Arts Level of competition in Russia, under the auspices of the Environment Fund for Arts, gained a initial prize. In 2017 the President of the Globe Arts Fund appointed the Founder of Quantum Art Intercontinental to support set up a Science-Artwork Research Venture for the betterment of the worldwide human affliction.

The higher than described ‘Evil’ inside of Plato’s moral atomic political science can now be considered as a form of a neurological cancer threatening world wide civilisation. It can be reasoned that the antidote can finest be launched by a potent navy complicated using what is referred to as a comfortable army diplomacy, a sharing of mutual valuable details technologies with other nations. From the DNA standpoint that individuals can be deemed to belong to a single race this diplomacy could conquer fanatical violent spiritual persuasions. From the DNA viewpoint, individuals attacking humans is naturally a nonproductive neurological kind of most cancers. By merely programming the dysfunctional entire world-view’s entanglement with the antidote facts the survival blueprint simulations can be generated for individuals relatively than for seashell life kinds.

To summarise, Sir Isaac Newton most surely did not feel that the mechanical description of the universe was complete. In his 28th Query Conversations he released, below the threat of getting burnt alive by the Church for his assertion: that all those who thought that gravitational drive was prompted by the mass of objects in area ended up pretentious and illogical. He basically stated that the extra authoritative scientific being familiar with of the issue came from the historic Greek science. The discoveries of the good students of the inventive Golden Era of Romanticism had also derived their ethics from that same shed historic science.

The social significance of all the earlier mentioned was dramatized by the Australian Science-Artwork creator/artist Chris Degenhardt in his ebook “Democracy on Demo – The verdict” printed in 2002. From the viewpoint of DNA discoveries designed since that time he released a retrial involving new proof exonerating Sir Isaac Newton from Wolfgang Von Goethe’s demand that Newton had wrecked the science of psychological color notion. In 2017, the Retrial version of the over e-book was published less than the auspices of Feedaread Publishing, in affiliation with Amazon Textbooks.

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