3 important steps to discovering your niche

3 Important Steps To Discovering Your Niche | .xyz Domain Names | Join  Generation XYZ

‘Discover your passion and write what you are familiar with.’ This is the excellent advice that professionals will give you when you’re looking for a niche in which to launch a blog. But it’s insufficient. The secret to creating a profitable blog niche is doing your research.

The most crucial, yet frequently ignored, step in creating a blog is choosing the appropriate niche and also a reliable shared hosting provider if you are starting out. If you choose a niche where there is too much competition, high authority websites will crush your blog. Your site will hardly be seen if you choose a narrower subject where there is no market. You need to identify a middle-ground specialty that is also easily monetizable.

1. Decide on a subject you enjoy discussing

Blogging is a lot of fun to get started with. It is undoubtedly an exciting experience to purchase domain names, set up the website, customise the design, and write your first article. However, because most individuals lose interest in blogging after a few months, most people stop blogging after that. Therefore, it’s crucial that you choose a subject for your blog that you enjoy learning about and discussing.

It may be about your job, your pastime, or even the brand-new RV you recently purchased. You don’t need to be an authority on the subject. Simply put, it must be a subject that makes you enthusiastic to discuss.

How do you choose a topic for your blog that will be attractive to readers? Here is a brief test to help you determine that. Get a pen and some paper. Just off the top of your head, list 10 topics for blog posts that you could write about. This task ought to confirm your enthusiasm for the subject you chose.

2. Conduct market analysis.

The next stage is to confirm that your issue has a viable and sizable market. You can accomplish this with a quick market study. Here is how to get going.

Consider that one of your favourite pastimes is rock climbing, and you want to launch a blog about it. You should now check the size of the audience and the level of competition for this topic.

Use Google Trends to launch the search. To find out if there is any interest in this subject and how many people are looking for it, type “rock climbing.”

This step is crucial because the graph it produces will show you whether interest in your subject is steadily increasing, decreasing, or stable over time. To create a blog that is successful for a long time, stay away from subjects that are losing popularity.

As you can see, rock climbing would make a fascinating blog topic. The interest in this subject has remained steady over the past five years and has since begun to increase.

3. Select a narrower niche

Let’s check out the level of opposition you face with your topic. See how many results are returned when you search for your topic on Google.

There are obviously too many websites vying for the term “rock climbing,” and it seems like a big topic to target. You should select a smaller niche if you want to avoid having to compete with large authority websites. You can see some of the other similar search phrases if you scroll all the way down on the Google search results page. Choose a search keyword and run a test to see how many people use it each month.

To examine the search term, visit the AdWords Keyword Planner website.


Start producing excellent content that makes you stand out from the competition as soon as you identify the ideal blog niche for you. Maintain a timetable for your blogging and be consistent. Before you start to see hundreds of visitors arriving to your site and purchasing your products, it will take some time. Be patient, then. You’ll eventually be able to see the fruit of your labour. 

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