5 Best Advantages of Responsive Web Design

With the advent of mobile technology, the use of smart devices such as smart phones and tablet computers is on the rise. The trend of browsing web on these smart devices, too, has risen to a new level. This is mainly because of two reasons; (I) the prices of smart phones and tablets have come down; and (ii) unlike earlier, websites now can be easily viewed on these devices.

To make their websites viewable on smart phones, website owners have started using an upgraded technology. They now opt for responsive design for their website.

Responsive Website

If you would open Google homepage on your mobile phone, you would find that it fits within the sideline of its LCD. And, when you would open the same URL on a tablet computer, then you would find that it has changed its design with the size of the screen. The URL remained the same, but the interface of the website changed. This is what the foremost property of Responsive Website Design is. A great amount of websites are following this technology to woo their customers.

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

In today’s competitive online market scenarios, responsive web design has emerged as one of the essential aspects of a successful business. Following are the five best advantages of opting for responsive website design –

Stretch – A responsive website opens successfully on any screen size and resolution. It can be viewed from on any device, starting from desktop computers and laptops to mobile phone and tablets, without actually facing any difficulty.

Economical – It saves you from purchasing another domain URL and getting it designed specifically for mobile phone viewing. By picking a flexible website design, you can use the same URL on different devices.

Better User Experience – The only thing that has not changed since the origin of business and marketing environment is the way customers are treated. Customer is still the king in the market, and website owners are sweating hard to offer them the best possible experience. Responsive website offers better user experience to consumers and end users.

Easy content management – You do not have to upload or upgrade any special content (text, image, or link) for mobile viewing. Your website will automatically alter its resolution, suitable for the device on which it is being opened.

Good for SEO – Responsive websites are encouraged and given preference by search engines like Google and Yahoo. The SEO, search engine optimization has become an important user-traffic and business gaining practice, nowadays. SEO lets a website gain visibility amidst the flood of high competition.

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