A Flipping, Perpetually-Rotating Clock | Hackaday

A Flipping, Perpetually-Rotating Clock | Hackaday

Clocks are a mainstay of hackers and makers, as they give a way to investigate innovative patterns though however sustaining a practical part to the challenge. [Brett Oliver] follows this tradition in building a cyclotron clock that uses a perpetual rotating digit concept from a 1900s desk flip calendar.

An exploded view of one of the flip calendar digit display, showing how the tiles fit into the chamber.

Every single digit of the clock has a rotating chamber that’s significant enough to match a group of tiles inside that have digits printed on either confront. The tiles are sized and stacked in these kinds of a way that the rotation of the chamber lets the future tile to slide in front of the aged a person. Certain digits are disclosed by rotating the chamber a variety of occasions.

Every of the 4 digits positions has a 28BYJ-48 stepper motor to rotate the chamber, with just about every motor remaining driven by a ULN2003 driver module. The principal microcontroller is a ESP32 WROOM, and an I2C suitable DS3231 genuine time clock (RTC) module retains time. All of the motors are driven off of an LM2596 module that presents 7 V, whilst the ESP32 and RTC are run from a USB connector.

The different modes and the means to established time is finished by a panel that has several buttons and knobs. The total clock is mounted on a personalized picket base that has cutouts for the panels and cabling. [Brett Oliver] has finished a fantastic job of documentation, likely into depth about the mechanics and electronics of the make. Structure data files, like STLs of the a variety of elements, are also obtainable for obtain. Be positive to look at out the video immediately after the crack.

We’ve featured a flip calendar with a similar working basic principle before which plainly shows the interior workings of the system.


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