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Are you searching for an easy DIY project to keep your kids occupied or want to try your hand at arts and crafts? These blogs are some of the best ones to check out. They provide fantastic DIY projects and tips to keep you occupied when the kids are at school! You can find them online or on Instagram.

The Best DIY Plans Store

If you’re a woodworker, metalworker, builder or DIY enthusiast, The Best DIY Plans Store is a must-visit. Organized by project type, skill level and room, this site makes projects effortless even for novices or experienced do-it-yourselfers alike. In addition to project articles, The Best DIY Plans Store also provides numerous downloadable free woodworking and metalworking plans.

Although The Best DIY Plans Store might be a bit pricey, it’s a must-visit if you’re serious about DIY projects and home improvement. The site provides an expansive database of plans for everything from furniture to kitchens, as well as an impressive selection of DIY home improvement books. In addition to free woodworking plans, The Best DIY Plans Store also features an informative DIY project blog section with project related articles and interviews with industry professionals – all completely free to browse! The best part? Everything can be found without ever leaving your house!

The Best DIY Plans Store is the go-to destination to find top quality, entertaining and fun home improvement projects.

Ana White

Ana White is the creator of a highly successful woodworking blog that she began in 2009 and now boasts four million monthly views. Her projects are beginner-friendly, requiring only basic hand tools as well as power tools like circular saws and drills that anyone can use. Her blog has gained a dedicated following of readers, many of them mothers and housewives eager to learn how to craft furniture at home. She shares projects that are not only beautiful but also functional and cost-effective.

Ana White has you covered when it comes to creating storage for your closets or kitchen cabinets with her easy-to-follow plans that look fantastic! She even has a collection of furniture-making tutorials which teach how to paint and stain your own pieces. Her plans are both user friendly and budget friendly – the perfect combination! For optimal results, opt for plywood when crafting your projects. This will guarantee that your furniture remains strong and constructed to last.

She founded Shelf Help with the aim of giving novice DIYers the ability to craft beautiful and durable furniture from plywood without taking up too much room in their homes. Additionally, she offers an online store with all necessary supplies needed for successful completion of her projects as well as plans and videos that guide users through each step of the way.

Her DIY Furniture plans are a popular choice for beginners, as they make complex carpentry seem straightforward. Each plan includes step-by-step instructions, diagrams, shopping and cutting lists as well as real reader submitted photos so you can follow along to success! Her projects are tailored to be affordable and functional, with an emphasis on Alaska’s market. She often utilizes reclaimed or salvaged materials whenever possible in order to make her designs sustainable and eco-friendly. Furthermore, she’s passionate about sharing her expertise with other homebuilders who she says are facing similar challenges as herself back in 2009.

Bob Vila

Bob Vila offers all sorts of DIY plans and resources to get your projects done, whether you need something simple like interior design or repairs. Plus, their blog provides tips and guides on everything from painting to landscaping. No matter the scope, Bob Vila has what you need to get the job done! For nearly four decades, the bearded and flannel-wearing handyman has been inspiring Americans to use their hands and common sense when fixing things around the house. In 1979, Vila began hosting This Old House, which became one of the most popular shows on public television during its primetime. But Vila only left the show in 1989 after ethical disputes and retaliation from home-improvement giants like Home Depot and Rickel escalated. The dispute revolved around her role as a commercial spokesperson for an opposing chain store chain, leading to her request to cease hosting.

Vila found himself in a precarious situation, earning up to $500,000 annually from his sponsorships during this time. According to Jim Morash’s oral history for Boston Magazine, the show’s producer wanted Vila to focus more on his own business activities. He made a wise decision, as the commercial reality of public television meant WGBH could not pay Vila well for his work. At first, the home improvement star only made $200 an episode from This Old House; however, over time his income has increased to an impressive $800 per episode.

In today’s digital world of creators who build large followings without being paid, it is instructive to look at Vila’s experience and compare it with that of today’s social influencers. Many have built platforms on other channels but must rely on other sources of income in order to survive. Vila stands out among other TV hosts by not shying away from getting his hands dirty and helping out where needed. He strongly advocates for tool belts, which keep all your tools organized and accessible while on the job site. These belts can be especially helpful when doing drywall or tile repairs but may also be utilized to remove wallpaper or fill nail holes.

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