Do you know all the devices that go with your computer?

How to see all the devices connected to your network -

The computer requires a lot of devices that help them to function properly. Some of them, you might already be familiar with and see regularly, some others, you do not see because they are locked into the computer. There are also a lot of other optional devices. This article will discuss some of the most common devices that go on your computer.

The motherboard is a very important part of the computer and is easily responsible for the computer’s capabilities. It decides the type of processor that can fit into the computer. It is also to the motherboard that every other device is connected to. 

The processor is fixed on the motherboard. There are different types. Some of the latest types of processors include dual-core, core i3, core i5, core i7, and Core i9. The power of the processor will determine how many instructions the computer can process within a second. Currently, most processors can process billions of instructions within a second.

The RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory. It is the part of the computer that stores the information that the computer is currently working on. Once the computer goes, so does the RAM and every information on the RAM. The bigger the size of your RAM, the higher the information it would be able to hold and the faster your computer is expected to be.

Hard disk
The hard disk is the major storage device on the computer. It is on the hard disk that the files on the computer are stored. It is permanent storage and once it is not faulty or a file is not corrupted or deleted, you will always be able to find it on the hard disk once you have stored it there.

CD/DVD Drive
With your CD/DVD drive, it is possible to read data from CDs and DVDs. The discs could contain movies, files, or software among others. If you want to get computer accessories, you might want to consider patronizing Logitech. However, you should first read Logitech reviews to know about their reputation before patronizing them.

The mouse is the part of the computer that we use to control an arrow on the screen. It is normally connected to the computer through a USB port or is present as a pad on a laptop. You can click, right-click, double click, click and drag and right-click and drag with your mouse to produce different results.

The keyboard contains alphanumeric keys, symbols, navigational keys, functional keys, and some special keys. The keyboard is used to type and also to give commands to the computer.

The monitor allows us to see what is going on inside our computer. Without monitors, it would just look like we are trying to operate the computer without using our eyes. We won’t know where what we typed will go or be able to find what we want to click.

Printers are used to print hard copies of a document from the computer. Some printers only print in black and white as well as those that can also print colored. 

You can connect USB gamepads to your computer to use it to play games. You can press buttons on the pad to control characters on the screen.

Flash drive
Flash drives are the most popular storage devices today as we can use them to store information. It is easy to use across computers, hence, can be used to store information meant to be retrieved on another computer.

Graphics card
It is the part of the computer that handles major graphical information on a computer. When you have a sound graphic card, you can enjoy your games and engage in other activities that consume graphical resources easily.