The two previous articles have showcased how Trade Show Internet has been under contract with events that have various and unique specifications from outdoor events to events that require connections and views or live to stream of the content at various locations. What is outstanding is their incorporation of new technologies to the services they offer to better the services they provide to their clients and the fans of their clients. This is only accomplished not just by having engineers and other technical workers with the knowledge of such technologies, but also mostly by the exposure of these people as they work to meet their client’s demands. Something else that also stands out is the fact that they offer on-site technical support which relives the event organizers from seeking other alternatives to ensure that the established network is consistent and stable. This also helps in problem solving as the network engineers are ready to deal with any setback that may reduce the efficiency of the network. This article highlights an example of an event that the TSI has been of benefit despite the short notice.

  1. HackTech Los Angeles

HackTech is the largest hack-a-than on the Western Coast. This event was hosted by Caltech and The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and featured 2,000 graduate and college students from 50 schools. Teams participating in this event compete for 36 non-stop hours not only to win money and prizes but to get noticed by the event sponsors that include Microsoft, Cisco, Dropbox, Amazon, and Google.

TSI was contacted on a very short notice of just three days to build and support a high-density Wi-Fi network with just three network engineers working alternately around the clock. This network was set up to be used by 2,500 devices in a 60,000 square feet space event space that was held at Santa Monica Place. The testimonials from the event organizers show positivity towards the services offered