features that iPhone 12 fans have been waiting for

The new features developed by Apple in the iPhone 12 offers  lineup a huge selection of their series and so are the features.

The next new feature is Light Detection and Range or LiDAR for short. This feature is actually not really new because it is already available on the 2020 iPad Pro.

Bloomberg launched LiDAR to measure the depth and distance of portrait mode and augmented reality experiences. However, LiDAR is only available in the Pro version.

LIDAR can also be used to focus the camera in low light situations, making autofocus for low light photography up to six times faster.

3. 5G network

5G network is actually not new, but special for Apple, because the iPhone 12 is the first series to be equipped with this capability.

Apple is arguably quite behind because other smartphone manufacturers have even offered it to consumers since last year.

During the iPhone 12 launch event, Apple said it had tested 5G performance with 100 carriers in 30 countries, as quoted by The Verge.

Even so, it did not say which countries were involved in the testing.

This 5G problem is like a double-edged knife. On the one hand, consumers ask for it, on the other hand, not all countries support it, including Indonesia.

The Mystery

Every time Apple releases a new iPhone, the California company seems to cover up the battery capacity issue. iPhone 12 is the same.

The famous GSM Arena page also does not display information on the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 lineup. Regarding this, Apple only provides the grid.

Macrumors launched from the four iPhone 12 series, the Pro Max version is the most powerful because it has 20 hours of video playback, 12 hours of video streaming, and 80 hours of listening to music.

While the series below is only reduced by a few hours from the duration capabilities offered.

Even so, the iPhone 12 is said to support fast charging which is claimed to be able to charge 50 percent of the battery in 30 minutes using 20W of power via the USB-C cable to Lighting, and this feature is great for attracting the latest gadget lovers with full features.