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Knit, Woven and Leather: What’s The Best Style of Touchscreen Gloves?

Touchscreen gloves can be made from a number of different materials, so determining which type is best for your particular needs can be a time-consuming and expensive proposition. This article discusses the pros and cons of three of the most popular kinds of gloves.
1. Knit
Knit gloves are the most common and least expensive touchscreen gloves on the market.
The Good
Knit gloves are usually the most affordable type of touchscreen gloves and are great for everyday activities like walking the dog, going to the store, or commuting.
The Bad
These gloves are often not as warm or as easily customizable to specific activities as some of their leather or woven fabric counterparts. Additionally, although knit gloves stretch well, one size does not fit all, and those consumers on the small or large side of the spectrum may be dissatisfied oppo a5 price with the fit. Finally, the quality of the construction of these gloves can often be problematic making durability an issue.
The Bottom Line
These gloves are usually the most affordable type of touchscreen gloves and they are great for day-to-day tasks. For extreme cold or specific activities, however, woven and/or leather gloves may be a better choice.
2. Woven
The second most common, and often more expensive, type of touchscreen gloves are those made from woven fabrics (e.g., polyester, nylon, spandex, polyurethane, etc).
The Good
The wide variety of woven fabrics ensures that manufacturers are able to tailor gloves to particular activities and environments ranging from sweaty heavy-duty work conditions to sub-zero, off-piste snowboarding missions.
The Bad
Since the conductive material is usually only included in the tips or pads of the fingers, it often looks silly and is difficult to use due to design limitations. Sizing is also an issue and conductivity can be detrimentally impacted by a poor fit.
The Bottom Line
Woven fabric gloves are usually more expensive than knit gloves, but they can offer superior warmth and activity-specific features.
3. Leather
Leather touchscreen gloves have become increasingly popular in recent years. TouchTec, a company that specializes in treating leather to make it touchscreen compatible, has made an incredible product that is now being used by a number of major manufacturers in both the luxury and outdoor adventure markets.
The Good
Leather is by nature waterproof, windproof, soil resistant and anti-microbial. For elegant gloves or outdoor adventure gloves (often in combination with woven fabrics) with superb conductivity, leather is the way to go.
The Bad
Although the best touchscreen gloves I have tried use leather, they are also some of the most expensive. Additionally, as with woven gloves, these gloves need to fit your hands well in order to function well.
The Bottom Line
Leather is a practical, but expensive material to use. That said, if you’ve got the budget for properly fitted leather gloves it can be a great choice.