Learn SEO For Homestead Website Success – Optimization Techniques Specific to SiteBuilder

Here’s a simple truth, if you want to get good placements with the search engines you will have to learn SEO. Homestead website optimization techniques differ from other website building programs but, the basics of optimizing your pages are the same. After studying this subject intensely, of how to optimize a SiteBuilder page to be appealing to Google, Yahoo and MSN, more of my website pages were indexed and many of them made it to the top. In order to have a fighting chance at getting to the top of the results pages, there are many manual things that must be configured properly within the site builder program. Some web page publishing platforms are automated to help its users get better rankings in the search results pages. This is not the case with the site builder. Many things must be done in a certain order by the webmaster, or web page creator, to achieve any level of real success as it relates to having regular free traffic coming to the site.

Here’s one of the biggest problems with Homestead beginners

Lack of knowledge is what causes people to fail in any venture. I believe that SiteBuilder beginners get so focused on the excitement of learning how to design a website page that they miss the very heartbeat of what the Internet is about, getting traffic. Somehow we think that if we “build it, they will come.” This is not true unless we build our website right in relation to proper SEO techniques, then the free traffic will come. This may not be true in every case though. Let’s look at a very important factor that affects how well we rank in Google’s world.

How competitive is your niche?

The competition that is in your niche is going to initially determine how well you place in the results pages when someone does a search using your keywords. If you type a few of your keyword phrases into Google’s search box and it returns two pages worth of websites focusing on the same words, then you’re going to have to really work at getting to the top. It may even take a year or two to get there. Yes, one of the biggest techniques related to search engine optimization and Homestead websites is work. Being successful is going to require constant monitoring of your statistic and making regular adjustments to various phrases that you are publishing to the Internet.

Here are a few techniques that will help with Optimization

  • It’s important to choose a domain name that has some of your keywords in it.
  • Learn how to study which keywords people are using that are related to your niche. Use the AdWords keyword selector tool or Wordtracker to determine popular keyword phrases that relate to you niche.
  • Write content using your keywords and write a lot of it.
  • Try to find keyword phrases in your niche that have not been focused on much.

Learning SEO, as it relates to using the Homestead website program is going to require that you study the proper materials. There are several products on the Internet specifically designed to help you learn about all of the manual things you will need to do in the SiteBuilder to get better rankings. The basic optimization techniques are the same as with any other website but the manual application required for a Homestead website is unique to the SiteBuilder. I guess that’s why you need to study the proper tutorials to be successful.

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