New Diamond Simulant Composite & Fusion Technology

In the last few years gemstone composite and fusion technology has been under great pressure to produce a better “Hybrid Diamond Simulant.” The public demand for this product has sky rocketed ever since the movie called “Blood Diamonds” was released. Consumers are being driven to purchase non conflict diamonds and diamond simulants that have natural diamond qualities.

The latest breakthrough that have occurred in gemstone composite technology. The first milestone was a composite coating made from diamond [Single Crystalline Carbon] and corundum [Sapphire and Ruby] single crystalline oxide. To date, these are the only chemical substances technically considered precious stones. Synthetic diamond and sapphire coatings of this new material is being applied a natural sapphire core that enhances the normal refractive index of [1.7] up to a natural diamond index of [2.3]!

The second milestone in gemstone composite technology. The molecular bonding of diamond and sapphire crystals. Scientist discovered that they had attractive bonding forces within certain design configurations. The bonding of diamond and sapphire crystals resulted in a new gemstone composite. Before the bond sapphire hardness was at [9Mohs] and after bonding it was [9.5Mohs]!

This new composite science is being applied by the Israel scientist at the “Sona Diamond” gemological institute, along with Israel advances in [High-Temperature/High-Pressure Fusion] technology. They have developed a new generation of “Sona Hybrid Diamond Simulants” that have physical, chemical and optical properties closest to natural diamond of any simulant to date.

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