Pore Strips – Frequently Asked Questions

Pore strips, which are similar to wax strips, are used directly to the skin of your forehead, chin and nose, as they can remove clogs from pores. They take advantage of the adhesive technology to remove dirt and oil by strips after those are peeled away a few minutes later. Although they are used widely, many people still have a lot of questions about them. In this article, some most frequently asked questions about pore strips will be proposed and answered.

Do they really help to tighten up pores?
This will depend on the brand of pore strips you use. In some products the ingredients such as bird nests essence are added to improve the tightening effect, but the else will not. In addition, the results vary with different skin typed and products, but most people will gain an improvement.

Can I use them to deal with acne?
Theoretically they can not treat acne, but for people with infrequent blackhead, it is an easy way to clear that.

Is there any difference between the package for men and women? Can my husband use my package of pore strips?
The materials and ingredients used by both kinds of strips are exactly the same. The only difference is that the ones for women have a smaller surface area. So, if you want, you can use the same package.

After using pore strip, what product is recommended to use in order to protect the cleansed skin? Is it necessary?
We recommend you to use some skincare product to preserve moisture. But please don’t use the product with much oil, because oil will easily clog the cleansed pores if it is not tiny enough to be absorbed. Of course it is not necessary, but it will benefit your skin.

Are there any unwanted effects while and after applying pore strips?
Of course they exist. For example, while peeling it off, your skin will be painful. And after that, your skin may burn, itch and ache. However, the unwanted effects are different according to various types of skin. When the problems appear, don’t worry. If you peel it off gradually and carefully, the pain will be reduced effectively. After using it, some cold lotion will ease the burn and itch.

How often should they are recommended to use?
They are not designed for daily skincare use. And we recommend you to use it once a week. And please don’t use it more often than twice per week, or it will hurt your skin.

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