The Future Of Valet Parking: Computerized Kiosks


Do you remember those times when everything was done by people? Then suddenly technology came into play and people no longer had to work silly jobs like getting money from total strangers and placing them into the cash register.

These jobs are completely taken over by robots today. Think about it, isn’t it useless for everyone to have a person who actually does nothing and is getting paid minimum wage for it? The same person can do something more complex and the job of collecting revenue can be done by a machine. The benefit is for both the employer and for the employee. Why?

As we already said, people that used to do this were paid minimum wage. It’s normal because there’s absolutely no effort done here. The person doing this has no serious obligations, no stress, and no responsibility whatsoever. That’s why they are paid so little. See the lowest-paying jobs here.

If they are switched by a machine, the same person can do something more complex and something that requires more effort. This Vauxhall Astra Personal Lease way they’ll be paid more for their work. At the same time, people using the parking can pay to a machine that collects and returns the change. Simple, right? Of course. The deal is that today, these kiosks used for this are so smart, they can do much more than just receiving and returning the money.

What computerized kiosk do today?

You can’t use a computer and a machine to take the car and park it behind the property, right? Maybe sometime in the future, but not today. This is still a job for humans. However, except for the driving of the car, everything else can be done by the machine. When you think about it, it’s actually better for everyone if a machine really does this.

If you’re asking why, here’s the answer!

Today, computerized kiosks use special software technology that is able to do much more than just getting your change. They record, schedule, and sync with other features that clients might find useful. What does this mean?

Computerized valet parking systems now use special software that allows the visitors to use it without even touching it. Downloading an app can help you schedule your arrival and be sure that you don’t wait a second for a person to take your car. When you’re about to leave just announce it to the software and the same thing happens on the way back.

Another great feature is that Valet parking machine software is able to keep you updated about the situation and condition your vehicle is at all times. Through the same app, you can see where your car is at all times. The best part is the machine is taking pictures before arriving at the premises, during the stay, and right after you leave. This way you can be sure that nothing can happen to your car. Even if it does, the problem can be solved fast and easy since the software most probably recorded where, when, and how the eventual damage happened.

What does this mean to hotel and restaurant owners?

Everyone running a business that needs a valet service should consider this option. Instead of paying top dollars to a big staff of people handling all the guests at once, you can place the machine and relax.

A lot of your customers will love this new invention. People simply love modern features and this one is also keeping them out of stress while they are visiting your place.

By installing the valet parking kiosk, you get to make more Vauxhall Astra Used Cars revenue because you don’t have to pay a lot of people and you reduce the chance of an error to the absolute minimum. Also, you’ll no longer have to deal with human mistakes in the form of being late, inaccurate, careless, or anything else that regular employees do from time to time.

Also, businessmen who had previous experience in the matter, know how annoying and exhausting is dealing with lawyers and unsatisfied customers because the valet service damaged their car. With this feature and the software that takes pictures of almost every moment while the customer’s vehicle is under your surveillance, you’ll no longer have to worry about this problem.

Every single moment you’ll know where everyone’s car is and in what condition it is. If something happens you have photo proof and you’ll know who’s responsible for it. A lot of people like to blame your employees for causing scratches and problems to their vehicles so they can sue and get money from you, but with this feature, they’ll no longer have this opportunity. See this interesting post to learn more about valet parking scams and how people benefit from it:

Before the car enters your parking it is photographed from every angle. Once it is given back to its owner, it’s photographed again. If something is different, then it’s clearly your fault or to the person responsible for the car. But, if someone blames you groundless then you can sue them if you have time and the nerves for this, of course.



Imagine if everything worked like it used to be in 1925. No computers, no telephones, no internet. People had to go for miles to get the news for anything. Today, we have everything in just a click. Even ordering a burger is happening with the shortest waiting time possible. For all this, responsible is technology.

Parking is nothing different here. The way we live has changed so much over the years. The need for parking too. Cars have changed, driving has changed, and so, logically, parking has changed too. People used to park wherever they want and whenever they like. But, back in the day, there weren’t as many cars as there are today.

Computers are running the world in every meaning and parking is nothing different. This is only good, actually. No waiting, no stress, and no chance for anything bad to happen to you or your vehicle.