The traditional Muay Thai boxing shorts

Before you train in Thai boxing for weight loss or fitness,  you need to get the right shorts for the job because the standard shorts just won’t cut it.

A pair of traditional Muay Thai shorts are designed for the art of eight limbs training to allow you to kick, move, and knee freely. The shorts are also made from highly breathable clothing.

Here’s a guide to help you pick the best Muay Thai boxing shorts. 


  • Don’t think much about colors and styles, because there is no sacred color or style for any level of training. You can get any Muay Thai short style provided it is comfortable for you.


  • Size can be a little tricky when shopping for Thai boxing shorts because there is no global sizing chart. This means that the sizes you see on one brand might differ from the other. Bear this in mind when shopping online to avoid buying the wrong size. Your options are either to send your measurement across to an online store or shop at a physical store and try on the Thai boxing shorts.


  • Feel free to explore the designs that are available for Muay Thai shorts. With so many brands getting involved in the business, you have a wide range of designs to select from, and it is totally up to you to choose what you want.

Sometimes, the simpler designs are cheaper, and the complex designs are more expensive. You can buy a Thai boxing short that simply has the name of the sport written on a beautifully colored short with nothing else. You will also find a short that has the logo of the brand.

Some will go further to have other designs like tigers, fists, animals, crowns, and other such designs. If you think they fit your personality, you can get any of them. A premium offer could include you getting your name on your shorts or a favorite saying of yours.

Thanks to customization, you can get a Muay Thai boxing short that fits the specification you put out there. However, it would cost a pretty penny. But there is a lot of fashion angles to explore with these shorts.


  • Some symbols are considered disrespectful in Thailand, and you might not know if you go shopping for your Muay Thai sportswear outside Thailand. For instance, it is seen as a sign of disrespect to wear the symbols of royalty or gods below your waist. You also can’t have the Thai flag down there.


  • The best clothing or Fabric for your Muay Thai short is satin or nylon. However, you will find many clothing options.

Regardless of what you find in the market, satin Muay Thai shorts or satin blends have the best quality, although they are on the expensive end. A more affordable and quality option is nylon.



You’re ready to invest in a Muay Thai short with all the information in this post. You can start by owning a pair of shorts or two, but if you plan to train for a long time or you want to become a fighter, then you would need more.

Feel free to shop for your Muay Thai sportswear at and register at a training camp in Thailand for weight loss and fitness training.

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