Vivo Y11 Full Phone Features And Specifications

The Vivo Y11 is a new phone from the brand that packs a lot of useful features into a small and sleek device. It comes with features like a built-in DVR and a front-facing camera for video chatting, a fingerprint scanner and a heart rate monitor. Other features include a high-end speaker and volume buttons, a large keypad, an easily adjustable screen size, and dual antennas, allowing the phone to take calls while you’re in a call center. And it comes with two years of unlimited talk time from Vivo.

Vivo Y11 Features

The vivo y11 has a powerful chipset inside that delivers smooth performance throughout. The phone features a quad-core processor from MediaTek and an upgraded version of the QCDQ chip. It also has the luxury of an Android operating system on board. The phone runs on a single 4.2″ diagonal capacitive touch screen, which has been designed to be easy on the eyes.

The Vivo Y11’s keypad is surrounded by a soft glove material that gives it a smooth feel when you hold it. The phone features an elegant design that goes well with modern trends. The phone has a neat and clean layout and has been crafted in a way that is perfect for those who like to use the phone in different ways. As a result, the phone has been designed to be easy to use and operate. There’s also a notification LED, which can be customized to show different notification types, such as text messages, phone calls, or emails.


With the Vivo Y11, you can also enjoy a number of entertainment features, including a music player, video player, radio, and a game center. This phone provides ultimate clarity in sound thanks to the sound amplifier. The phone also features a built-in speaker. In case you want to watch a movie, you can connect the phone to your TV through its HDMI port. There is even no need to bring out your TV’s speakers. You can enjoy movies straight from the phone itself.

The Vivo Y11 comes with two SIM cards, one with Windows Mobile and the other with T-Mobile. The phone features Windows Mobile and allows you to use the phone online with your Windows account. On the other hand, the phone comes with a T-Mobile SIM card and works on the country’s leading network, the Verizon prepaid brand. This enables you to make international calls at a very reasonable cost. If you move around the world very often, you can also take advantage of data plans from this phone.

One of the best features of the Vivo Y11 is its ability to work as a PDA as well as a phone. You can use it as a phone when you are out of the country, and as a PDA when you are at home. Therefore, you can have a separate mobile phone and a separate PDA if you want to. These handsets are designed to be affordable, and work flawlessly as both a phone and a computer at the same time. They are very popular in the market today, due to their great features, high quality construction, and user-friendly interface.