VPS Hosting the Best and Effective Way to Get your Website Host – MilesWeb

Web hosting is crucial to get your website visibility on the internet so is the hosting type you set to choose for your business. 

While hosting is concerned VPS hosting plays a major role in offering proper optimization of available resources. Since dedicated hosting costs too much and if you want same type of resources at less price then cheap vps hosting is considered as the best. 

VPS hosting is one of the best ideal forms of hosting your site as you get adequate resources and flexibility to use. From few years, VPS hosting has become the best choice for small and medium scale business. It offers all the benefits from shared to dedicated hosting at affordable costs. Shared hosting is for the beginners and VPS hosting is for those who want best uptime and can handle more traffic than shared hosting.   

Shared hosting is cheap and you can’t get sort of speed and inflexible resources.
In VPS hosting, could be a great choice. For best VPS hosting, I would recommend you MilesWeb Linux VPS hosting which manages all the websites from your single private virtual server.
A VPS is a virtual server which is created on a single physical server. VPS is completely different from shared hosting. VPS hosting comprises of independent virtual servers for managing the accounts on the physical server. 

In VPS, a user gets complete freedom to run any apps.

VPS is like a mini dedicated server.

Let’s take a look at some best features of VPS hosting offered by MilesWeb 

Cost effective –

As a startup or your growing business you know the worth of your money and shouldn’t waste it on unnecessary things. VPS is cost effective and handles the traffic in a very productive manner which enables your growth without any downtime.

Gives you freedom to run apps – 

VPS server gives you complete control over your server functionalities. You can install, delete, reboot and perform all the functionalities. You can also configure your server to suit your website needs without being restricted by your web hosts.

High availability servers and traffic handling – 

In, VPS hosting server image can be rebooted on another physical server, meaning that your application stays online. 

In Unlimited web hosting, you get much power and flexibility to run and test a wide range of applications.  MilesWeb VPS hosting services are powered by DigitalOcean which are available in multiple sizes with various technical components based on cloud infrastructure with built-in SSD Storage. 

Safe and Secure – 

VPS is substantially more secure than shared hosting and trusted means for hosting your site. The websites hosted on it and data stored are much less likely to be affected or hacked. In VPS hosting, it is completely separate from those or other users. If one VPS user is attacked then also you don’t have to worry about your site as it won’t be affected. Also, MilesWeb hosting provides a cloud infrastructure for your website powered by Digital Ocean. With MilesWeb, your website is protected by malware/ virus detection and protection tool. Also you get CSF Firewall installation and configuration. You get complete website security.

Host Multiple websites – 

As a low cost alternative to a dedicated server, VPS enables growing businesses to host multiple websites. MilesWeb allows you to host multiple websites under same VPS account. This means you can host and manage multiple sites from single virtual private servers. As dedicated servers would be far more expensive so VPS hosting is the best option to host your site. 

Hosting upgrade – 

One of the best features is that you can upgrade your plan to a bigger plan as per your usage and requirement. Different packages and plans are available and accordingly you can upgrade to them, if your business is growing and getting lots of traffic. Also, you can downsize your existing package, if it is too big. In this sense, VPS hosting is more scalable and hosting options are available. 

More Powerful and scalable – 

You can install custom applications too. VPS hosting is more powerful, flexible and offers features like a dedicated server at a lower costs. Even if you started with limited resources and you can upgrade it later according to your needs MilesWeb offers cheap VPS hosting plans which are fully managed. They have excellent support staff which is available 24×7 to manage your Linux VPS server.

Conclusion –

For growing and handling efficient traffic websites, VPS offers excellent high performance at affordable costs. VPS hosting is known for its security and more storage, memory and processing power than shared hosting which is more secure, easier to upgrade and is managed for you. If you are sure about buying VPS hosting for your site then I would recommend you MilesWeb as the best VPS hosting company to get your site hosted safely. This also makes your website super-fast and easily accessible. MilesWeb Linux VPS and Windows VPS hosting fulfill your needs and their costing is also low. Also, they make your hosting easy and keep your site secured.