Website Design Tips For Small Businesses

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According to SBA reports in 2019, small businesses account for approximately 99.9% of all US businesses, with their numbers steadily growing up to 30.7 million. In the United States alone, 1.5 billion jobs are created annually by small businesses. It contributes to the lion’s share of new job creation- 64% to be exact. 

These counts vouch for the growth and market dominance of small businesses in the US. Honestly, the global picture is quite similar. Hence, small businesses are leveraging the best practices of digital marketing to increase and improve their outreach. With web design being an immensely important facet of digital marketing, an acclaimed Website Design Company in Kolkata, India, stresses specific web design attributes that can add value to small businesses. 

Let’s do a brief rundown.  

The best web design attributes that small business can benefit from:

In this era of rapid digitization and digital transformation, having a business without an appreciable online presence or a website is almost unthinkable. 


When you present your small business to the online audience, you need to captivate them and keep them hovering on your site. Minimizing the bounce rate and maximizing conversion requires your website to be simple yet interesting.

Too much clutter creates the users to get overwhelmed. When there are too much information and a haphazard presentation on your website, you may have left out what adds value.

Apart from the users benefitting from a positive UX, an uncluttered design also creates the impression of professionalism. As a result, the Golden Rule of the White Space is something you should abide by. 

Mobile-friendly web design:

Since market research data finds 74% of users return to a website when it is mobile-friendly, it is essential that you emphasize the mobile responsiveness of your web design as a small business owner. Users spend around 70% of their internet time on mobiles, and therefore, each small business owner should be redesigning their online offerings and making their websites more mobile-friendly. 

After Google announces the mobile-first index, not having mobile responsiveness as a feature of your web design is almost suicidal. 

Professional branding:

You should not be frivolous with your small business website and focus on creating a brand as much as large corporations do. Try to hire web designers who give a professional outlook to your brand that is consistent with your business offerings, tone, and voice. 

Using prominent colors, choosing consistency in fonts, graphics, and images in sync will give your small business website a professional outlook. You need to keep it simple and yet launch a statement with your brand. 

70% of business owners and online marketers comment that consistent marketing adds value when a company is communicating with its new and existing customers. Your goal should involve creating a website that reflects your brand value and statement flawlessly. 

Effortless web page loading:

If there is just a one-second pause in website loading or web page loading time, it can negatively impact your business. Apart from increasing the bounce rates across all the niches, a delay in fractions of seconds will reduce your page views by 11% and decrease customer satisfaction by 16%. You will also encounter a 7% loss in conversion rate. 

Hence, when small businesses are looking for superlative website design services by hiring professionals, they should look for those web design specialists that ensure effortless website loading. It is an important aspect for your small business for your website and web pages to load virtually within a fraction of a second. 

Summing up:

Market research data points to the growing number of mobile internet users, as the number of desktop users decreases every second. These days, people are accustomed to going about their daily jobs on the go, and hence, effortless website loading without any glitch is the need of the day. According to Google, this is becoming a key ranking element, and small business websites pass the litmus test of efficiency if the entire site loads within a couple of seconds. 

Apart from this, other essential web design features that small business owners should focus on are quality and relevant content. It ensures search engine bots crawl and index your website efficiently. All in all, every feature should integrate seamlessly with smooth navigation to not be repelled. Moving from one point to another on a visually attractive, simple, and clean website keeps your business allure strong in the minds of your users.