Why Breast Thermography Is the Best Test Women Can Do

Presently, a lot of attention goes to breast cancer detection and treatment. That sure is great, because this type of cancer affects roughly 50,000 women in the UK alone every single year. As that is no small number of people to deal with this dangerous disease, it should come as a surprise that thermography is still not widely recommended as a way of early detection.

Surely studies continue to focus on treatment methods on a cellular level, but definitely there should be more talk on tests too. Doctors are mostly familiar with this method and advertise it as the best test. However, many recent studies outline thermography can in fact reveal cancerous and precancerous cells much earlier than mammography. This type of test is surely something to consider, for all of the following reasons:

Early detection of cancer – what mammography reveals now, thermography would have spotted years before. Many studies conducted over the course of 10 years reveal than in 60% of all breast cancer cases, thermography sounded the alarm first. Thermal imaging is used to detect cellular level changes and abnormalities, making it unique in nature in that it literally allows doctors to observe any pre-tumor situation. Thermography allows for true prevention, because it is the only method that allows such an early detection.

Less tests required – while frequent mammograms are surely a good idea, they often call for unnecessary treatments and further tests. In the most severe cases, they even lead to mastectomies, some of which are not necessary. The case with thermography is that it differentiates scars, breast implants and fibrocystic tissue, and it detects changes to cells in the armpit area, which is not something mammography does. Every woman who has ever had false positive results or an unnecessary biopsy knows just how important accurate tests are.

Safe method – as thermography is an image of the body heat, it practically means that it is safe for pregnant women, as well as nursing women. It is well-known that the side effects of mammography are dangerous and might as well be the cause for what they are trying to prevent. There is no radiation involved, nor additional treatments and tests like lumpectomies, biopsies, chemotherapy, etc.

No harm – many women complain how painful a mammogram is. The pressure from the machine often exceeds that of a 50-pound weight on the breast. Of course, this isn’t just mildly uncomfortable, but rather causes pain. That is not the case with thermography, which is safe and doesn’t involve any pain.

These are the most solid benefits of a thermography that women should consider. Long gone are the times when mammography reigned supreme in the battle of breast cancer early detection. It is a good idea for women to use a risk assessment tool in order to determine whether they need a test, and then definitely look into thermography options.

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