Women’s High Heel Shoes – High Heel Shoes Truths and Myths for All Women

Since the invention of high heels in the 16th century, women have endured the pains associated with these items of fashion. High heels, however, are not torture items (as some women perceive them); they contribute greatly to the feminine way of life. Higher heels can add inches of height, elongate your legs, and make you feel extremely sexy. Your posture improves as you balance on your 3-inch heels and men definitely notice. Many women see high heels and immediately run, but the truth is, most women can wear heels, if they know how.

Don’t be overwhelmed when shopping for women’s high heel shoes, you don’t have to be psychic to know which heels will be wearable. You must avoid the killer heels that rub in every direction and kill after 10 minutes. When some women buy these killer heels, they get turned off to all heels. This, however, is avoidable. Always walk around the shoe store with both heels on before making your decision. The heels that surprise you with their comfort are the heels that will last you in the office or on the dance floor. If you love them, get them.

There are different heels for different occasions. You can wear some dressier and daring heels with black slacks to work, under flirty skirts to a party, or even thrown under jeans for a trip to the mall. Anyway you wear them, high heels demand attention.

There are tricks to tackling skyscraping heels in a work environment where you are constantly on your feet. A well fitting shoe will be comfortable for about two to three hours. Then, during your lunch break or time sitting behind your computer switch to flip-flops or just relax your feet for 10 to 15 min. This will allow your feet to stop aching and any stress swelling to go down. After this break, your feet should be relatively comfortable for another few hours with heels. You might think this is a lot of trouble just to wear some fancy shoes but the truth is that heels make you look and feel great and even increase self esteem, something that the working woman may appreciate.

There is no reason a woman should deny herself a pair of sexy heels. Whether you choose small yet fashionable kitten heels or skyscrapers. There are occasions and many reasons for heels and even a strategy for conquering the foot pain associated with them. If you love them buy them!

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