5 Top Elements That Are the Hallmark of a Luxury Hotel

Huge rooms as big as an entire house, elegant fixtures and fitting as well as enormous comfy beds and many or luxurious things are the hallmark of a luxury holiday. Talk about luxury vacation and the mention of luxury hotels will not be missing in the conversation. Hotels primarily offer accommodation where you will stay and enjoy some of your meals.

But the overall holiday experience will include other details such as flights, road trips, tour guides, dining, and various first-time experiences. However, there is more to the experience availed by such a vacation than you would think. To get the most out of your planned stay in a luxury hotel, below are five things you need to have at the back of your mind.

1. Personalised Service

Before making your hotel reservations, you should check our different reviews to know the etiquette score of the staff. How do they treat guests? How are they trained? In the many of the high-end establishments, the team should quickly know who you are and your likes by asking simple questions or passing tailored suggestions to you.

Let’s assume you order a Gin and Tonic; then the attendants should know this and remember your preference to avoid confusion and hassles when you order another round. They can also rely on this knowledge to make alternative suggestions when you want something different but not entirely off your area of comfort. For instance, you may request to visit a particular animal park, but the staff may suggest that you try a suitable alternative that offers a far better experience.

2. Attention To Detail

Much of what the hotel does will echo top-notch attention to detail. The staff will not only follow the rules when attending to clients but will also know how to use their common sense in some situations. Everything related to your booking should run smoothly, and the holiday providers should be quick to rectify any unplanned issues that may arise. That is why you should consider working with ABTA bonded tour operators with years of experience in this type of service industry. It is the kind of training the staff gets that defines the level of services to expect from luxury hotels.

3. Beautiful and Thoughtful Design

The hotel you choose should put a lot of effort into the design and presentation of their building and rooms. For instance, they should have rooms designed based on an expertly drawn format so that there is a uniform quality of experience throughout the hotel. Moreover, the hotel should also fit in with its surroundings and not stick out like a sore thumb, whether it is located in the city or beautiful countryside. That way, it will allow you to take in the surroundings while also helping enhance the local area.

4. Location

The hotel’s setting should tell a story. It should have a history of the place. For instance, the Savoy Hotel in Yangon was the once the Governor’s residence. Furthermore, it seats in a spectacular rural location. So, give some thought to such a matter. Think of your planned destination, the locale, and which luxury hotels will be the best pick based on their setting and story.

5. A Travel Philosophy

The holiday provider’s travel philosophy is the underpinning of a truly spectacularly memorable luxury vacation. It may sound somewhat clich├ęd, but if you think of it from a broader angle, then you will discover that this is the guiding principle for how the tour companies deliver exceptional experiences to their clients.

For instance, if you visit the Soneva Luxury Resorts in the Maldives, you will find that it is an ecologically conscientious place that does not allow any littering on their island. Give the fact that the Maldives face the threat of rising sea levels, that is why the responsible travel and luxury providers and other organisations are keen on preserving their little heaven on this earth.

Belmond hotel group is another excellent example. They provide luxurious accommodations that are characterised by a deep history and heritage. Visitors are surrounded by a setting rich in stories and experience different things, and they discover more about where they are staying.

So, there is more under the surface of that choice destination than meets the eye. All you have to do is take the time to research some insider tips, available at Going Luxury. You can discover new cuisines, the safe street food eateries, and enthralling sights and sounds of the place you plan to go for your luxury holiday.