6 Reasons to Add Egypt to Your 2020 Holiday Destination Wish List

Are you dreaming about Egypt Escapes next year? Have you thought about being able to experience the country’s ancient tombs, pyramids and temples in person? Perhaps you have dreamt about sailing down the River Nile while indulging in some traditional Egyptian cuisine? Maybe you want to learn more about King Tutankhamen and his golden death mask? Well, maybe 2020 will be a fruitful year for you. Here are six reasons to add Egypt to your 2020 holiday destination plans:

1. An Egypt package holiday is more affordable than many imagine

Arguably the biggest concern people have when thinking about a trip to Egypt is the associated cots of travel. Since travelling to Egypt involves a long haul flight, many wrongly assume they won’t be able to afford the airfares. When the cost of a package holiday to Egypt is broken down, however, the destination becomes within realistic reach for just about all families, including those with limited vacation budgets.

Whether you’re planning a luxury tourist experience in Egypt or a budget trip to the country, there are ways to make a 2020 Egypt trip match your budget. There is a wide variety of accommodation choices on offer and even luxury options cost a small fraction of the cost of similar tourist accommodation in cities like New York and Paris. You can use the low hotel accommodation costs to your benefit, as well as saving more money by selecting budget-friendly flight times. Or, perhaps you are looking to spoil yourself by booking a stay in a luxurious retreat without spending what you would have to spend for many other luxurious retreats at popular global tourist destinations?

2. The climate in Egypt means you can enjoy a holiday there in all seasons

If you love hot climates, you are sure to love Egypt. While the winter months are a bit cooler, temperatures are still warm enough to visit the temples and tombs without having to wear any heavy winter attire. In fact, winter can be the best time to visit Egypt if you are worried about dehydration or overheating. Don’t let the hot climate scare you away, however, as tour guides are always on hand to provide effective tips and tricks that help foreigners deal with the summer heat.

3. Egypt has a fascinating ancient history

One of the key reasons international tourists are drawn to Egypt is its fascinating ancient history. The history of the country has enthralled the world for centuries. You don’t have to be a history buff to be captured by the ancient architecture and legends from the past.

4. Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime Nile Cruise

Who doesn’t want to sail down the world’s longest river? A Nile Cruise aboard one of the many modern cruise ships in the region means you can enjoy witnessing the rich culture of the country while surrounded by your favourite amenities, including bars, private balconies, hot showers, pool rooms and much more. You can watch desert sunsets and get awe-inspiring riverside views of Egypt’s best-known ancient cities and temples.

5. Indulge in delicious Egyptian food

Egyptian cuisine is certainly unique. Food is inspired by the country’s geography, history and religion. Be ready for lots of vegetable dishes served alongside some of the region’s most popular meats, such as chicken, pigeon, rabbit, and duck. While lamb and beef dishes are available, they are not very common. In coastal resorts, you’ll find plenty of seafood options. Pita and hummus sides are very authentic.

6. Egypt has lots of beach resorts and scuba diving expeditions

The biggest beach cities in Egypt include Dahab, Sharm el Sheikh, and Hurghada. All of those beach cities offer similar water sports activities, but each has a unique vibe. Hurghada, for example, is a popular cruise port, while Sharm el Sheikh is an upscale resort town. Dahab is the place for those looking for a more relaxed, boho vibe. All of the beach cities in Egypt provide plenty of opportunities for scuba diving, boating and snorkelling.