How to Take Care of Electric Brad Nailers

Many people will complain about brad nailers not lasting as long as they anticipated or suggested by the manufacturer. Usually, this is because of poorly handling.  The following are some tips that will ensure the electric brad nailer serves you better and last for a longer time.

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Proper handling

The first thing to using a brad nailer is handling it the proper way. While it may look easy on paper, in reality, it may not be. You should maintain a nice firm grip as this prevents it from slipping, falling and being damaged.  Also important is avoiding holding it with wet, oily, or greasy hands since this also increases the possibility of it slipping and falling.

You ought to maintain proper control to prevent banging it against objects and obstacles unnecessarily. It’s also important not to try to force it in limited paces if it is too large. You will only end up damaging the surface and the results may not be good.

Using the correct nail sizes

The tool will come designed for a specific range of nails. Some will require small to medium size nails while others will require the medium size to longer nails. Trying to force medium size brad nails in a unit designed for small nails may lead to damaging the internal mechanism. The result will also not be good since larger nails require more power, which the smaller tool may lack.

Using smaller nails in apiece requiring longer ones is also not recommended. It will shoot the nails far deeper and the results will not be good. You may require applying wood putty and smoothing the surface. In addition, it may damage the surface and the nails during the delivery.

Using it for the right task

Many people will use the right tool for the wrong job. Imagine using a heavy-duty tool that shoots large nails on a thin veneer, cladding or siding? Or using a small nailer that handles small nails to join two heavy planks of wood together? Obviously, the results won’t be good. The project surface will be damaged in the first scenario. In the other one, the nailer will be overwhelmed and chances are high that the internal mechanism will be damaged.

It is essential that you use the right tool for the right job. This entails understanding the nail sizes, the nailer’s capacity and also following recommendations from the manufacturer and experienced users.

Ensuring the electric cord isn’t damaged

When it comes to proper care of electric brad nailers, one of the most overlooked areas has to be the cord. Yes, people will pay attention to the trigger, handle, head and other sections. However, a good number will ignore the power cord. They will continue to operate it with a frayed or worn-out cable. This puts them at risk of getting an electric shock or shorting out the tool’s electrics.

It is critical that you ensure the power cord is in good condition. It should be fixed tight and have no cuts or frays. In case of damage, even if it’s a small cut or splice, rather than taping the section, you should replace the entire cord.

By following the above tips, the brad nailer should serve you well for a longer time. You’ll also have more peace-of-mind while using it since you’ll know you are using it in the right manner.