What are the Challenges of Parenting in the Digital Age?

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There are some people who would not accept that technology is impacting
almost all the essential elements of our lives. Technology is having a huge
impact on parenting and is adding a new dimension to an already very
challenging role. Parents are forced to adopt spy phone apps
to overcome challenges in the digital age.

Many parents are quite overwhelmed by the speed at which technology is
progressing, the amount of number of apps that their kids are using and how the
excessive use of technology can create so many problems at home.

The sooner you acknowledge that technology is here to stay and will continue
to advance over the coming years the better. Therefore, it would be a good idea
to develop a good strategy to manage the use of technology at home. You should
design a strategy that suits best to your parenting style.

Below, we have given a few examples of how you can overcome challenges of
parenting in the digital age:

Conduct Your Own

With several apps and online games available on the internet it can be an
arduous task to keep up with what your kid is up to. If you hear your kid
talking about a new app or game, be sure that you conduct your own research on
it. This will help you in having a better conversation with your child and
assist you in building your knowledge and awareness of new updates in the world
of apps and games.

Communicate with
Your Child

It’s important that you frequently communicate with your child. You should
talk to your child when it comes to using the internet or their digital
devices. By promoting conversation between you and your child, you will boost
their confidence and they will realize that it’s okay for them to come to you
and talk about what they are experiencing online, without getting scared that
they will be punished.

If your child ever experiences something bad on the internet, they should
come to you and talk about their experience. This level of openness and
communication is necessary to exist between children and parents because it will
help children tackle online dangers.

Avoid Confiscating
their Devices

Parents can often take away or ban the use of cell phones or computers as a
form of punishment. Parents who think this will serve as an effective strategy
are usually wrong because in most cases this can lead to children using cell
phones or computers in their friend’s homes or borrowing devices from them to
use the internet.

Do not forget that it is human nature that if something is being asked not
to use or if it’s banned, it becomes more intriguing.

Use Monitoring

Parents can also use monitoring solutions like a spy phone app
to monitor their child’s online activity. By monitoring their online activity without
them knowing, you can find out what your child is up to on the internet, who
they are communicating with and who they are meeting after school.

You can also track their whereabouts because most cell phone spy apps can
find someone’s location using GPS technology. The entire cell phone activity
including web browsing history, social media accounts, text messages, phone
calls, etc. can be monitored with the help of cell phone spy apps.

Maintain a Healthy
Online/Offline Balance

The best way to teach your children about having a healthy relationship with
the digital world is by becoming a good role model for them. If you are
spending lots of time in front of your children, then they will adopt this
habit from you and spend more time using their devices.

They will think that constantly using their devices is normal because they
have seen you doing the same. Therefore, parents need to maintain a healthy
online/offline balance and be a good digital role model for their children. You
should encourage face to face interactions and make them understand its
importance. Try to spend more time with them doing family activities without
any involvement of digital devices.

While digital parenting may seem like a challenging job, if you handle it
carefully and adopt effective strategies to your parenting style, you can make
it work. Remember, you need to make your children safe online and to make that
happen, you need to use whatever tools required.