What Makes VPS Hosting a Good Choice for SMBs?

7 top reasons to choose VPS for small businesses - Cloud7

If you plan to take your business online and considering the different types of web hosting for your website, then VPS Hosting can be the solution. A best VPS Hosting plan can be the most cost-efficient step for your online business.

What is VPS?

A Virtual Private Server or VPS works by creating multiple virtualised environments on the physical server with each of them having the capability to work as a dedicated server for the website. Therefore, it can be considered to provide the best of both worlds – the security and stability of a Dedicated Server without shelling a hole in your pocket like that of Shared Hosting. 

Benefits of Using VPS for SMBs

  1. Better performance: As you don’t need to share the allocated resources with others, you can expect enhancement in the performance of your website. Not only would your page load faster but also would be able to handle traffic better of especially during peak hours. Page load speed is not only important to enhance user experience but also has now become one of the most important SEO factors. 
  2. Administrative Control: This positive attribute helps VPS as one of the most lucrative options for small and medium enterprises. VPS Hosting usually comes in two variants- Managed and Unmanaged. The Unmanaged Server gives total control to the client. You have the option to install applications and configure them as per your needs. On added advantage of root access is that it gives you more software freedom and you can install the operating system you want on the server. 
  3. Security: VPS Hosting eliminates most of the security concerns attached to Shared Hosting. Each virtual environment works in containers and is not related to each other by any means. Server monitoring can also provide protection against DDoS and other malicious attempts by hackers. 
  4. Scalability: You can scale resources like CPU, RAM and disk space without your website experiencing downtime. This allows small businesses to increase the allocated resources in sync with business growth. 
  5. Technical support: As the root access lies with the client, there is much scope of configurations going wrong. Keeping this factor in mind, many hosting companies provides 24*7 technical support. Some even go the extent of offering one dedicated customer care representative for each virtual server.
  6. Cost-effective: Despite providing many of the features of a dedicated server, yet VPS Hosting remains a cost-effective solution, especially for SMBs.


The above points clearly make VPS Hosting a clear winner for the small and medium business website. Small businesses are generally confused between Shared and VPS Hosting. Shared Hosting doesn’t provide the facility to scale resources which is one of their major drawbacks. However, with VPS, you are never in danger of going down with a sudden surge in traffic. There are many web hosting providers offering VPS Hosting in India. It is important to understand the features before taking the plunge.